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Compare Loft Boarding Services in Yorkshire

Contrary to popular belief not all loft boarding companies are the same.

There are many differences between one company and another.
From the quality materials they use to how they install them.
Quality workmanship and professionalism, after sales, customer care all add to the real performance of a company.

So why does it matter? well to be honest we all want the best quality products and workmanship for very little money, but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for" or do you?.
Not all companies or "Individuals" doing loft boarding are totally honest with their customers as they want to fulfil your requirements and at the same time compete on price and your requirements mean more money and closer the price comparison comes to the point where they can out price themselves and lose the work.

Its so easy to get a quote from one company and then another and say the other guys were cheaper, have you really looked into why their cheaper? maybe they are not installing the same boarded area coverage or boarding directly on to the joists with no sub-frame or maybe missing something out that important to its strength and build quality. There are loads of cutbacks companies use to get the price down and the main one is cutting corners on materials that actually used, believe me I've seen it over and over again and only you the customer suffers from discovering you've been done in the end.

So how can you compare one price with another?

Its not all about reputation, reputation doesn't give you the right to bang up your prices, but it does give you the right to boast that you give the customer not just good value for money but exceptional value and quality for money.

Yorkshire Loft Boarding only install the best quality products using the safest, strongest and BS tested material available.
There is no compromise with us and believe it or not doing it right doesn't cost much more than a cowboy job.

Answer these questions, if you answer NO to any of these questions then please be careful who you choose because we can only answer YES.

Do you want a safe strong loft floor installing? YES / NO
Do you want exceptional value for money without compromise? YES / NO
Do you want this experience to be quick, clean and as unobtrusive as possible ? YES / NO
Do you want us to be there at the end of the phone even after we've installed it ? YES / NO
Do you want specialist, trustworthy, trained and approved installers in your home? YES / NO
Do you want an honest quote of what you need not what others would over sell you? YES / NO
Do you want a survey from a real installer not a high pressure sale man? YES / NO
Do you want someone reliable to turn up when they say they will? YES / NO

If you have answered YES to all those questions then you basically described us and we can help you get what you need to create a superb storage area in your loft of the highest quality without overcharging for it.


Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart we did after a study over the past 12 months of our closest competition. I am sure you will be amazed at the differences compared to us.

In a few instances some companies even failed to turn up at all to do a survey, or call and say they cant make it and never called back to re-arrange.

Our favorite we were told by a customer that the last company quoted over the telephone, booked the job, turned up tools out and ready to work and then disappeared soon as the customer turned their back, never to return, Under quoted I should imagine!.

Another company did the job and then the customer called us after reading our website about not removing and squashing insulation asking for our opinion as the company she choose removed her insulation in order to board directly to the joists. Oh Dear!

OK were not saying we are an authority on these matters but please at least do the job right after all its not a difficult job to get right if you know what your doing.

(Information gathered from feedback received from customers direct experience with these companies and our own customer feedback and including website content information, photos of work carried out)

How we Compare: Yorkshire Lofts Local Company 1 Local Company 2
Reliability (Turning up and time keeping)
Quality of materials used
Quality of workmanship  
Speed of installation
Surveyors approach when providing quote
Customer service before and after  
Over-all professionalism  
Information & help provided at point of survey  
Overall customer satisfaction
Use of sub-frame to add support YES YES NO
Generally removes some insulation to get boards down NO YES YES
Generally squashed loft insulation to fit boards NO YES YES
Explains the importance of a sub-frame on website YES NO NO
Provide a specialist 270mm system for tall insulation YES NO NO
Raised floor sub-frame BS6399 & PART P compliant YES NO NO
Certified, trained and approved LoftZone Installers YES NO NO
Offers a 5 Year guarantee YES NO NO
Adequate insurance YES YES NO
Members of Trading Standards Safe Trader Scheme YES NO NO

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